Monday, May 7, 2012

Pulling An All Nighter

I've been with Mike all day. He hasn't left my sight for a minute and he won't. I skipped out on my new job, just to make sure he will be okay. If some of you guys are crazy enough to find my address and leave messages about how your going to take him, then it's only natural I assume you would be crazy enough to actually do it.

He finally looks like he is getting better. We talked for a little bit, but for the most part, he has been trying to sleep off his fever.

Sitting here for a whole day has not been fun. I've been trying to find ways to keep me from going insane. I've been through countless crossword puzzles (4 of them) and a few sudoku. For some reason though, I kept returning to this blog, reading my own posts, and ultimately reading more about the "Slender Man". A common theme of all the people who seem to "encounter" the Slenderman seem to have some kind of mental disease. Does that not trigger something? Does that not make you think, "Oh, they're crazy!". It does for me.

Mike isn't crazy. He has no record of mental illness that I know of.

Another theme that goes along with the SlenderMan is called slender sickness. It's  the symptoms that you get when you are haunted / contacted by the SlenderMan. Being paranoid, having a cough, and insomnia does not mean your being stalked by an urban legend. The symptoms are just too broad for me to believe this thing even exists. All of these accounts of being stalked and yet this has not made national news, or something. I mean, if I see a tall business man with no face, 10 feet tall, just standing there, I would throw a fucking brick or something at it and call the goddamn police.

There's a word I'm looking's something kids have...OH, Imagination.


  1. Let me ask you a question Bishop. If you don't believe in this, then why are you guarding Mike so much?

    1. Because, like I said above, if someone has the potential to send me a note that says "We are coming for him" then someone has the potential to actually take him.

    2. Then why do you continue to write in this blog? Why did you search more about the Slender Man. It's because you do know he is real. You do know he is coming after Mike and you do know he is coming after you.

  2. We are watching you Bishop. It won't be long now. Michael will soon be with us.

    1. Is that you through the window? Here I thought I had a secret admirer. Nope just a crazy stalker.

      I'm guessing your the one who sent the letter? Go to hell. Don't make me get the police involved.

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