Friday, May 18, 2012

Eleven days

It's been eleven days since Mike disapeared. Iv'e exhausted all reasources to find him. Police...Family....Money...nothing.

I was dead asleep. A blinding white light filled the room, so bright infact, that it woke me up. I must have dozed while taking watch over Mike, since I was still in the chair next to his bed. Thunder now boomed, shaking the house.

I'm not afraid of thunder storms. I enjoy them actually. Their flashing lights are beautiful and the thundering booms are invigorationg. This one however, didn't sit well with me. I got up to go the the kitchen when I noticed something strange. There was an absence of noise in the room. No coughing, mumbling, or shifting of covers. Another flash of lightning.

Mike was gone.

I almost had a fucking heart attack. I stood there for at least ten minutes. Shocked. How? How could someone come in my house and take a whole human without making a sound? I ran outside calling his name, constantly telling myself this was a dream. No one responded. I quickly ran back inside and called the police. As I was talking to the police, I started to head back outside to get my neighbors.

I stopped.

Someone was standing in the doorway. He wore a red racoon mask. He laughed and came at me. All it took was one punch and I was knocked out instantly. When I woke up, there was an EMT squatting over me asking if I was okay. I didn't know what to say. Was I okay? Who cares. Mike is gone.

I've spent days looking for him. The police gave up on the fourth day. They said they would tell me if something came up that involved him. For some reason I knew it wouldn't. But I wont give up. I wont give up. I wont give up.

I need help. me find Mike.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pulling An All Nighter

I've been with Mike all day. He hasn't left my sight for a minute and he won't. I skipped out on my new job, just to make sure he will be okay. If some of you guys are crazy enough to find my address and leave messages about how your going to take him, then it's only natural I assume you would be crazy enough to actually do it.

He finally looks like he is getting better. We talked for a little bit, but for the most part, he has been trying to sleep off his fever.

Sitting here for a whole day has not been fun. I've been trying to find ways to keep me from going insane. I've been through countless crossword puzzles (4 of them) and a few sudoku. For some reason though, I kept returning to this blog, reading my own posts, and ultimately reading more about the "Slender Man". A common theme of all the people who seem to "encounter" the Slenderman seem to have some kind of mental disease. Does that not trigger something? Does that not make you think, "Oh, they're crazy!". It does for me.

Mike isn't crazy. He has no record of mental illness that I know of.

Another theme that goes along with the SlenderMan is called slender sickness. It's  the symptoms that you get when you are haunted / contacted by the SlenderMan. Being paranoid, having a cough, and insomnia does not mean your being stalked by an urban legend. The symptoms are just too broad for me to believe this thing even exists. All of these accounts of being stalked and yet this has not made national news, or something. I mean, if I see a tall business man with no face, 10 feet tall, just standing there, I would throw a fucking brick or something at it and call the goddamn police.

There's a word I'm looking's something kids have...OH, Imagination.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

You guys think your funny...

Look. You can comment as much as you want on my blog. Hell, you can comment bomb me if you want with weird ass messages. But I swear to FUCKING god, if I find out who wrote this and left it at my door, I will fucking kill you.

I don't know how you got my address but it ends now. Another note like this, and I will have the police on your ass like dots on a motherfucking dice.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Mike has been in bed all day. He refuses to take any medicine. Nothing has really changed. (Here comes the rant)

This fucking sucks. This fucking sucks. This fucking sucks.

Since the DAY he got here, it's been nothing but constantly watching him and wondering what the fuck is happening. It's not fair. We were supposed to go to the beach, hang out, play some games, all that shit. Now i'm just sitting here reading something about an urban legend called "Slender Man" and how he is making Mike sick. This is what I have reduced to. Reading fiction.

Yet...every since I read about, for the first time yesterday (thanks proxiehunter<---sarcasm), I've realized that I have been checking my back more often then I should. Deep down, am I scared of it? No. I'm not.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doctors Appointment and Confusion

I woke Mike up today to go to the doctors. He still didn't look good. He was pale and coughing...a lot. It was a struggle to get him into the car. He just stared blankly out the window on the drive to the doctors. I tried to start a conversation, you know, try to get his mind off of whatever was stressing him so much. Nothing. Not a single word.

Nothing changed when we went into the waiting room at the clinic. He just sat there. It kinda scared me. No, it scared me a lot. I asked him, "So, how's it going in California?" My response? Nothing. The appointment wasted no time. He went in and came out 10 minutes later. I asked Mike what was wrong but he just sat there. So, I asked the doctor instead. He said it was just stress and a bad cold. The doctor perscribed him some medicine and told me to call if anything changes.

Now we go on to the "Confusion" part of this post's title. When we got in, Mike went straight to bed. I closed the door and started watching some Tv. I had to leave for work in about two hours, so I wasn't going back to bed. About 45 minutes after Mike went to sleep, I heard the bedroom door creak open. I called Mike's name to see if he got up, you know, maybe to go piss or something. Well it was him, but he didn't have to go piss. Infact he walked straight out of the door half naked. I ran over to him before he could make it down the hallway outside and shook him until he came around. This is what he said when he came around.

Me: Dude wake the fuck up

Mike: There is no waking up from this

Me: Mike, your really starting to freak me out

Mike: oh god...OH GOD



He then collapsed.

My neighbors heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on. Thank god they did, because I had NO idea what to do. We carried him inside and layed him down on my couch. I told them what happened. They said that he was probably sleep walking, and that since I woke him up during his sleep walking episode, he freaked out. They said he should be fine now but offered to stay around for a little. They must have seen that I was shaking. I declined and said that I could handle it. However, I did ask them to watch over him when I go to work.

Not really the way I planned my first morning with Mike, but hopefully he will be okay. I have to get his medicine now. Mine too.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bad News

I picked up Mike from the airport. He didn't look too good. He was very pale and coughing...a lot. During the car ride home we had to stop twice for him to cough up/throw up stuff. I gave him some medicine and he has been sleeping all day.

He is also...talking. In his sleep that is. I can't really make out what it is, but he has never done that before. I'm going to take him to the doctor tomorrow.

I have three words for you...

So. Fucking. Excited. On my way now to pick up Mike. It's about an hour drive to the airport.