Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doctors Appointment and Confusion

I woke Mike up today to go to the doctors. He still didn't look good. He was pale and coughing...a lot. It was a struggle to get him into the car. He just stared blankly out the window on the drive to the doctors. I tried to start a conversation, you know, try to get his mind off of whatever was stressing him so much. Nothing. Not a single word.

Nothing changed when we went into the waiting room at the clinic. He just sat there. It kinda scared me. No, it scared me a lot. I asked him, "So, how's it going in California?" My response? Nothing. The appointment wasted no time. He went in and came out 10 minutes later. I asked Mike what was wrong but he just sat there. So, I asked the doctor instead. He said it was just stress and a bad cold. The doctor perscribed him some medicine and told me to call if anything changes.

Now we go on to the "Confusion" part of this post's title. When we got in, Mike went straight to bed. I closed the door and started watching some Tv. I had to leave for work in about two hours, so I wasn't going back to bed. About 45 minutes after Mike went to sleep, I heard the bedroom door creak open. I called Mike's name to see if he got up, you know, maybe to go piss or something. Well it was him, but he didn't have to go piss. Infact he walked straight out of the door half naked. I ran over to him before he could make it down the hallway outside and shook him until he came around. This is what he said when he came around.

Me: Dude wake the fuck up

Mike: There is no waking up from this

Me: Mike, your really starting to freak me out

Mike: oh god...OH GOD



He then collapsed.

My neighbors heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on. Thank god they did, because I had NO idea what to do. We carried him inside and layed him down on my couch. I told them what happened. They said that he was probably sleep walking, and that since I woke him up during his sleep walking episode, he freaked out. They said he should be fine now but offered to stay around for a little. They must have seen that I was shaking. I declined and said that I could handle it. However, I did ask them to watch over him when I go to work.

Not really the way I planned my first morning with Mike, but hopefully he will be okay. I have to get his medicine now. Mine too.


  1. The most important advice I can give you right now is here:

    If you can get your friend coherent eventually tell him he may as well fill you in on what's going on with him. He's got you up to your neck in it already.

  2. What the fuck is going on? Is this some kind of joke? Are you Mike?

    What the hell is a runner?

    I REALLLLLYYYY doubt that Mike has anything to do with that. Ghosts and Ghouls don't exist. He just had a sleep walking episode. That's all.

    1. Just think of my list as a disaster preparedness kit. You'll find out soon enough. You're on the fast train to bonedville population you Mike should have never gotten you into this.

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