Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great Weekend

It's been a great weekend. I went down to the restaurant (it's called the Pavilion btw) and filled out a simple application. Upon first glance it seemed to be just a normal run-down restaurant but as I got closer and went inside it was HUGGGEEE. There were statues of knights and different elegant paintings. Talk about being a fancy! I talked to the manager (Phillip) for a good hour. I guess that was the interview because I got the job! Tomorrow is going to be my first day and I am looking forward to it. Finally...something to do.

In other news a rumor has been going around our apartment complex about our neighboring complex that had a homicide. Police are looking into it now. Supposedly a 10 year old boy beat his friend to death with a baseball bat. They said he kept saying "He told me to do it" over and over. Pretty creepy if you ask me.

On the more brighter side of the grass, I'm going to pick Mike up from the airport on Tuesday. It's going to be a great summer!

Friday, April 27, 2012

North Carolina

I was planning on writing in this blog everyday but it seems that won't be happening due to all the unpacking I've been doing and still am doing. What can I say, I have a lot of shit. I just finished unpacking my desktop computer and I plan on hooking it up later on tonight. Hopefully I wont need a manual, I'm not the brightest when it comes to computers.

I went by a local store today and got myself a newspaper. Surprised at how many people read them still down here (note: I say down here because I come from Ohio). If there is one thing that I need urgently right's a job.

I scanned through the some want ads but I didn't really see anything worth going to an interview for. My new neighbors (which by the way are nice as can be) brought me over some "apparment" warming gifts. Let's see...what were there names again...Oh! Kathy and Frank. We got to talking about some of the local hotspots (and I use that term lightly) and they mentioned a nice dine-in restaraunt that is located downtown. They told me they are hiring for a wait-staff position and that the wait-staff there make pretty good tips. I might go check it out tomorrow and see if I can get an application.

One thing I am extremely excited about is Mike. Only 4 more days till he comes to North Carolina to live with me for a few months! Can't wait! I spoke with him today on the phone a little. He was just as siked as I was, though, he just recently caught a really bad cold. Kinda weird how that happens though, he was talking non-stop about the good beach weather over there.

Well, I am in need of nurishment. Here I come Chic-Fil-A!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I've tried to think of the most un-cliche way to start off this blog and I have concluded that it is impossible to not sound cliche for an Introduction.

My name is Bishop (yeah I know, weird name). I don't really know why I made this blog. Out of boredom I suppose. You see, my WHOLE life was school (inb4the"WOW REALLY?"). Friends, work, and my social life were all centered around my school. Now that I have graduated from high school, I don't really have anything to do for a few months. I just recently moved to North Carolina due to some "issues" I have been having.

Luckily though, my best friend, Mike is staying with me for the duration of my "break" from school. He is the coolest, smoothest person I know. I would even go as far to say he could get out of or "into" anything. His plane arrives from California in 7 days. Cant wait to see him!