Friday, May 18, 2012

Eleven days

It's been eleven days since Mike disapeared. Iv'e exhausted all reasources to find him. Police...Family....Money...nothing.

I was dead asleep. A blinding white light filled the room, so bright infact, that it woke me up. I must have dozed while taking watch over Mike, since I was still in the chair next to his bed. Thunder now boomed, shaking the house.

I'm not afraid of thunder storms. I enjoy them actually. Their flashing lights are beautiful and the thundering booms are invigorationg. This one however, didn't sit well with me. I got up to go the the kitchen when I noticed something strange. There was an absence of noise in the room. No coughing, mumbling, or shifting of covers. Another flash of lightning.

Mike was gone.

I almost had a fucking heart attack. I stood there for at least ten minutes. Shocked. How? How could someone come in my house and take a whole human without making a sound? I ran outside calling his name, constantly telling myself this was a dream. No one responded. I quickly ran back inside and called the police. As I was talking to the police, I started to head back outside to get my neighbors.

I stopped.

Someone was standing in the doorway. He wore a red racoon mask. He laughed and came at me. All it took was one punch and I was knocked out instantly. When I woke up, there was an EMT squatting over me asking if I was okay. I didn't know what to say. Was I okay? Who cares. Mike is gone.

I've spent days looking for him. The police gave up on the fourth day. They said they would tell me if something came up that involved him. For some reason I knew it wouldn't. But I wont give up. I wont give up. I wont give up.

I need help. me find Mike.


  1. hahahaha slenddrer blog WTF Is a slender blog huh? its wat you peple do to get ur story out there hm?

    mabe i shuld do one

    maybe ill get POPULAR of of my near deth experiances


  2. Well well well, look what it have come to. Another victim of the cruel thing that bears many names? The question is.... will he be the last? Will he be coming for you next? Who will in the end satisfy the hunger of the master.

  3. There's no need to post here anymore. Mike was found dead a month ago. I've given up on all this. Please don't post here anymore.

  4. Another one have disappeared, another one is gone. Who will be the next? I am afraid it is much too late giving up, you might have angered him. The faceless one will hunt again.

    1. Don't act like you know what is going on. You don't. No one does. I'm not playing this persons game, nor am I gonna play yours. I've kept my nose where it should be and I suggest you do the same.

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